The Better Bet

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Maryland primary is coming up next week, and I’m looking forward to voting for Barack Obama – eight years from now, maybe.  For now, I consider him a prototype, a Beta Test Candidate complete with all the newest bells and whistles, but very much a work in progress.  So cool, to be sure, but am I willing to risk the consequences of the inevitable glitches of his inexperience and naiveté?  No.  Senator Clinton isn’t the perfect candidate either, but her professional maturity and practical experience make her Presidency the better bet.

For precisely the same reasons, I believe she has a greater chance of beating McCain.  Oratory, no matter how inspirational, gets old quickly.  It won’t be enough to win, and certainly isn’t enough to govern.  Senator Clinton, because she is the more substantive, albeit less eloquent of the two, will be more effective against the advantage of McCain’s seniority.  Remember, all those people cheering at the Obama rallies aren’t the only ones who’ll be voting.


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