Blinded By the Light

An Open Letter to the Obama “Rally People”

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Clinton campaign has been making the argument that Senator Obama is all talk and no substance, that the hysteria of his rallies is impressive, but irrelevant to the job for which he is running.  The clear implication is that it’s only a matter of time before voters come to their senses, put aside their initial infatuation with the man, and focus on what should be the meat of the election, experience and program design.  Needless to say, Senator Clinton is doing her best to slap Senator Obama’s supporters back to reality.  What else can she do?  She’s running against a phenomenon.

Unfortunately, Senator Obama’s counterpunch proved her point.  Using a textbook, but still effective tactic, he denounced her argument by telling his audience that Senator Clinton was talking down to them, telling them that they were shallow, mindless lemmings for supporting his candidacy.  And the crowd went nuts with approval.

Give me a break.  “Rally People,” as I like to call you – It was either that or “Obidiots” or “Obincompoops.” – listen up.  If you don’t recognize a manipulative pitch when you see one, you deserve the criticism your candidate claims his opponent has leveled at you.

Rally People, you get what you pay for.  The problem is, you’re electing the President of my country, too.

5 responses to “Blinded By the Light

  1. Wait… So Clinton’s brand of hope and change will be better for this country?


  2. First of all, thanks for stopping by. No kidding. I didn’t name this blog, “Word Feeder,” for nothing. “Hope” and “change” are something the people bring to the table. I want to hire, to elect competent management. I see the election process as an extended interview by we, the Board of Directors. On that basis, Senator Obama’s resume lacks the experience to qualify for the job. Excellent communications skills, but the position for which he’s applying is much more demanding. He’s not competitive, not yet. -wf

  3. I agree with your board of directors analogy, and you also won’t hear an argument from me about Obama’s accomplishments.

    My only question is whether or not you believe Clinton will be any better… and why?


  4. Hi. Just to be clear, I don’t find Senator Clinton to be the ideal candidate. There are others out there in politics, Mayor Bloomberg for example, who appeal to me more, but that’s not the choice I have. I’m a registered Independent who tends to vote Democratic. I don’t want another Republican in office right now, and I’m not impressed with the scope of Senator McCain’s experience. He seems to me to be a one note candidate. That leaves Senators Clinton and Obama. He lacks experience, and believes in management by consensus. He professes to be able to change the way our government and international politics work, virtually overnight. I believe that’s naïve and, to be honest, potentially dangerous. Change, on the scale we’re discussing, takes time. Senator Clinton is extremely intelligent, somewhat of a policy “wonk,” which I like about her, and much more experienced – not just in specific policy areas, but in dealing with Congress, with the process of getting things done from the inside of our current bureaucracy. As for “change,” that’s up to us. I think Senator Clinton will accomplish more, and react more intelligently, by virtue of her experience, to the domestic and international crises our next President will undoubtedly encounter. How’s that? (Back to work. Talk to you later.)

  5. I can appreciate your argument, yet, I find any of the three candidates if elected, will continue America’s fall from grace.

    We need to leave Iraq (for a multitude of reasons, lack of funding, we fueling hate, we should be more worried about our own borders and not those of iran/iraq, and we have more important threats to our national security, Russia/China), we need to balance the budget, we need to get off our foreign energy dependence, we need to secure our borders, we need to restore our civil liberties, we need to lower taxes, we need to…. (I can go on for ever).

    I guess i’m a bit of a stickler for the constitution, but i foresee either candidate further eroding this countries guiding principle, the rule of law. (The law being the constitution) The federal government has gone well beyond its mandate to
    exist, and now is the time to reign in big government for a more open and free system.


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