“Doctor, Doctor”

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For those of you who are missing the point about Senator Obama’s relative lack of experience, or who believe you get the point, but have convinced yourselves either that he’s sufficiently experienced or it doesn’t make any difference that he’s not, here’s a simple exercise to help you test the strength of your convictions.

Close your eyes – after you’re done reading this.  Pretend for the moment that, instead of Senators Obama and Clinton, it’s Doctors Obama and Clinton.  They’re both surgeons, with experience in their medical professions comparable to their respective histories as politicians.  You need to pick one to perform a complicated, life saving operation on you, a loved one, or friend.  Assume that, even if you or they survive, a botched operation could be at worst, catastrophic, and would at least affect the quality of your life and ability to earn an income.

Which one do you pick?  On which one of these doctors/candidates are you willing to bet your life?  Think the analogy is too severe, too personal?  Then you need to think again.


2 responses to ““Doctor, Doctor”

  1. Vice Employee of the Month

    Great analogy. It’s perfect for your point.

    I used to work at a Ophthalmologist office with five physicians. The most common surgery performed was cataract surgery. Although not life threatening, this procedure could mean the difference between having the best corrected vision possible or blindness. Our eldest, most experienced doctor surprisingly had the worst turn-outs of the practice. He operated under the knowledge he had been given years ago and in his age had become resistant to newer methods and technology. Our youngest doctor was the fastest surgeon and had the best results of the five doctors. He was adaptable and receptive to the newest ways of doing things and for that reason his patients thrived.

    America needs someone who is flexible, someone without a “I’ve been there, done that” mindset. Hilary isn’t a new face or name. She’s been in the White House. She was a co-signer on her husband’s presidency. She’s Bill with a prettier face. Bush, Sr., Mr. Clinton, Bush, Jr…it’s time to stop this pattern. “It took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush and it’ll take a Clinton to clean up after the second” …I can only guess what Jeb Bush’s campaign slogan would be. Obama is less-experienced which seems promising. A blank slate. Someone who might be willing to try something different for once.

    I know you are far more interested in politics and have a wealthier vault of knowledge than I do…or a lot of American’s for that matter. I am not trying to convince you of why my choice of candidate is better nor am I discrediting yours, I am simply trying to show my way of thinking.

    I am far too tired to continue on this point since I need to be at the office bright and early but I hope I at least made some sense.

  2. Very well written.

    Certainly age, in and of itself, is no assurance of superior ability or skill. I would never argue that. It’s your description of Senator Obama that goes to the heart of the point I was trying to make. “Obama,” you write, “is less-experienced which seems promising. A blank slate. Someone who might be willing to try something different for once.” While I, too, want a President who will devise new solutions to old problems, creativity without the experience to make those solutions happen will be a meaningless and potentially dangerous waste of time. As for, “President Blank Slate”? If that’s really the case, I suggest we table his candidacy until 2016.

    Thank you for your comment. Please stop back when you have time. As for me, it’s my time to hit the treadmill. –wf

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