Hypocrisy of the Day: Steroids at the Olympics

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The US and International Olympic Committees are opposed to the use of steroids to enhance athletic performance.  They are not, however, equally opposed to the use high tech bathing suits like the Speedo LZR, specially designed track shoes which are different for each foot to enhance traction and stability on longer-distance events, and ice laden vests which runners wear just prior to the race to lower their core body temperatures – just to mention a few.

What’s the difference?  If we’re going to allow the use…  no, the extensive use of technology to enhance athletic performance, why not legalize the use of steroids for the same purpose?


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4 responses to “Hypocrisy of the Day: Steroids at the Olympics

  1. I agree about the hypocrisy, but instead of letting athletes abuse their bodies with illegal drugs the simpler solution would be to eliminate the super swim suits. Everyone should have to wear the same suit or, better yet, none at all!

  2. You’re right. Let’s level the playing field as best we can. That still leaves high tech training which gives an advantage to the countries and colleges that can afford the investment. -wf

  3. P.S. blue jay… Nude Olympics would not only be in keeping with the tradition of the original games, it would do wonders for ratings. Even I’d be watching instead of writing material for The Wordfeeder. I suspect you’ve caught our network executives asleep at the wheel. Call me when you get to Madison Ave. You make your father-in-law proud. -wf

  4. Make steroids legal in the olympics-Make – everything legal and make all sports a single gender- like in a spelling bee, or math contest. We are afterall looking for the best in the world- your training, diet, gender, drugs, foot size, eye colour, height, race or favourite colour t.v. show should not be factors involved in sport. If you want to compete at this level, you have to be willing to do what it takes- soldiers give their lives every day.

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