Obama/Biden: Hiring Experience. Blowing It Big Time

Saturday, August 23, 2008

It should have been Hilary.  That would have been the bold, masterstroke move that would have assured Senator Obama the Presidency.

On behalf of all of us who have been arguing all along that Senator Obama lacked the experience to be President – including the McCain campaign – I’d like to thank the Senator for proving our point for us.  He agrees by virtue of his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate who adds nothing politically to his chances of being elected, but who has the requisite white hair and senatorial credentials that he (Obama) is lacking.

Now all he has to do is convince us, starting with the Rally People who, with the help of an adoring media, gave him the nomination, that a Co-Presidency is what he’s been selling and they had in mind.  Co-Presidency?  Will Senator Biden simply be a close advisor, in which case he didn’t need to be Senator Obama’s running mate, or is Joe Biden to experience – especially when it comes to foreign policy – what Dick Chaney, Karl Rove, et al, have been to President Bush’s brain?

Senator Obama, it’s a little late in the process for you to admit that your resume needs padding.  Better to have waited 8 or 16 years to run when you, personally, were ready to be President.

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7 responses to “Obama/Biden: Hiring Experience. Blowing It Big Time

  1. I think Joe Biden is a fine selection, but Obama should have at least made the pretense of considering Hillary Clinton. It’s a big slap in the face to her 18 million voters. I understand why some people consider him an elitist. He’s very smug.

    Now, if only McCain picks Mitt Romney (Satan incarnate) to be his running mate…that will make it easier for me to cast my vote for Obama come November.


  2. Hi. Thanks for the comment.

    What is it, specifically, that bothers you about Romney? Wouldn’t he do for the McCain campaign on economic and some social issues what Senator Obama is hoping Joe Biden will do for his campaign on matters of foreign policy? -wf

  3. Mitt Romney? Where do I begin? As someone who supports gay marriage, abortion rights, etc. (read: liberal), I am opposed to almost everything that emerges from his mouth. Ever stop and wonder how someone that conservative made it to the top of a blue state? I think he’s a glorified used car salesman.

    I’m sure Obama would agree, even though he’s no better. “Change” is not possible without selflessness.

  4. On behalf of used car salesmen everywhere, I demand an apology. -wf

  5. How do you feel about McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin?

  6. Hi. Good to hear from you again.

    First, the obvious… She’s a highly telegenic candidate with a personal story that succeeds in broadening the appeal of the McCain candidacy, changing the entire dynamic of the election in the process. It’s a bold move by a tough, seasoned candidate running in the political fight of his life which could, just maybe, give him the extra couple of points he needs in selected venues to to win.

    By the way, I was so interested in having McCain include a woman on the ticket, I actually sent him an e-mail recommending just that, and specifically Carly Fiorina, the fomer CEO/Chairman of Hewlett-Packard who is now one of his economic advisors — an all-important area of expertise for any Presidency in which McCain admits to needing help, and so do Obama/Biden, whether or not they’re willing to acknowlege it. (If only Senator Obama could have added a second and maybe a third Vice President to further enhance his resume by proximity, if not in fact.) I thought Fiorina would give McCain a real competitive advantage. Obviously, he has “a short span of attention” (P. Simon) and never read past my first sentence.

    So what’s bothering me? The campaign’s becoming political theater, way more so than usual. Senator Obama uses a football stadium to turn his campaign into a bona fide movement. McCain fakes to Minnesota where a prospect there distracts the media by cancelling his interviews with the press, and then goes long, north that is, to Alaska for a running mate who sweeps the Democrats out of the news cycle for the entire holiday weekend. “Give me an ‘M’! Give me a ‘c’! …Sorry, I lost control.

    Entertaining, sure, but what does any of it have to do with the ability of either ticket to govern?

    So what do you think?


  7. http://femspotter.wordpress.com

    I blogged about the woman question this week and Obama’s theatrics. I agree with you about how theatrical this race has been/become. While I disagree with Palin on most issues, I can’t help but admire a woman who has come this far, with five children in tow, and still seems to have an ego on this planet. McCain’s choice is very sly. It puts liberal women (Clinton supporters, that is), in a very difficult position. To which entity do I owe a greater allegiance: my party or my sex? I don’t think either side will change things much. And Obama isn’t socially liberal enough for me: why does the government (federal or otherwise) get to decide if homosexuals can marry, for instance? While I agree with Clinton’s DNC speech – hey, I wasn’t just voting in this race for you, Hil – I am deeply offended by Obama’s refusal to consider joining forces with her…deeply! His camp refuses to answer questions about this issue. How can he shun 18 million voters one day and claim to be a “uniter” the next?

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