Hillary Doesn’t Approve

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No kidding. Hillary Clinton doesn’t approve of the ad the McCain campaign is running featuring her decidedly negative remarks about Senator Obama made when she was running against him for the nomination. She doesn’t approve, but then she doesn’t retract them either.

Her problem is that she was either purposing overstating Senator Obama’s lack of qualifications to be President, a/k/a “lying,” for those of us who don’t like to mince words, when she made those comments, mistaken, or telling the truth. Pick one.

The first choice strips away her integrity as a candidate and renders her endorsements of Senator Obama and criticisms of Senator McCain less than credible. The second choice suggests incompetence on the part of a very savvy, highly intelligent politician. The third, that she was right, is my personal favorite because it’s factually correct and is consistent with one of the core themes of her campaign, and Senator McCain’s as well.

The fact is, Senator Obama isn’t ready to be President. His resume for that position is all about “Career Objectives,” with pathetically little in the “Experience” section. Everyone knows this, that he’s inexperienced, even his most fervent supporters who believe that what the Senator promises so eloquently, the hope that he sells so effectively transcends the disadvantage of his having never tried and delivered on similar promises in the past.

For those supporting Senator Obama’s candidacy, hope trumps proven judgment and effectiveness. It’s a belief based on the notion that never having done something may actually make you better at doing it if only given the chance. It’s a premise that is occasionally true of newcomers who are not constrained by traditional notions of how things are supposed to be done, but does it work for the person we’re hiring to be President of the United States?

Senator Biden has the same problem with respect to his comments about Senator Obama when he (Biden) was running for President.

Will these people say anything to get themselves elected, or to serve their selfish political interests by supporting a candidate they clearly find deficient? (That was rhetorical.)

It may not be politically correct, but I’d prefer the truth: “Senator Obama is not particularly qualified to be President, but I believe an Obama/Democratic Presidency would be better for the country (and me) than another Republican administration. And here are my reasons why…” Wow, that feels so much better.

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