Accepting Responsibility for the Uselessness of Congress

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Obama campaign is fond of reminding us that the Bush Administration has been a pathetic excuse for government, arguing in the process that a John McCain Presidency will be nothing more than a reincarnation of it, which I don’t buy.

Will someone – perhaps the McCain campaign if anyone over there is listening – please remind Senators Obama and Biden that it’s been a Democrat-controlled Congress for the past two years, including both of them in the Senate, and ask them what they have to show for it? Ask Senator Obama why, if he’s President, and without any profound change in the party mix in both houses, will Congress be any more productive or helpful in accomplishing his agenda?

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One response to “Accepting Responsibility for the Uselessness of Congress

  1. Remember: When pointing a finger in one direction, three fingers are pointing back at the pointer.

    Don’t you think we need more people accepting their responsibility (and lack there of when necessary) than finger pointing?

    There are 2 problems in Washington; and it’s not the current administration. There were also two problems during the Clinton admin; and it wasn’t Bill and Hillary.

    Partisan politics, including decision making for the good of the party over that of the country, plus the effects of special interest groups that dominate throughout Washington are much more of a problem than the last two years of Democratic control of Congress.

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