From Sliming Palin

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hi. For those of you who have been concerned about various stories flying around the Internet, the Newsweek link below may alleviate some of your concerns about Governor Palin. I suspect that many of the other rumors about the Governor, other than those specifically addressed through this link, are likely just that, grossly exaggerated, misinterpreted or fabricated tidbits intended to attract attention without concern for credibility, which are personally and/or politically motivated.

Also, while the text isn’t on MSNBC yet, a story on this morning’s Today show confirms that Alaska has some of our country’s most liberal laws on abortion, and that Governor Palin has made no attempt to impose her personal beliefs on the citizens of her state, a majority of whom do not agree with her point of view.

My thanks to one of my favorite fans of the WordFeeder for bringing this piece to my attention.

From Sliming Palin

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2 responses to “From Sliming Palin

  1. So basically she doesn’t believe in evolution, she doesn’t believe that women who are raped should be allowed to have an abortion, she doesn’t believe in stem cell research, and she doesn’t believe in global warming (or at least that us humans have anything to do with it). But we are supposed to cheer the fact that she knows her extremist views are out of touch with reality and that she won’t necessarily force them down our throat as President? This article only confirms that she clings to extremist views and that she (generally) rejects science for “faith.” I thought we got past that already. Wasn’t the Age of Enlightenment in the 18th century?

  2. Well, uh, what can I say but, “Thank you, Mr. Palin” for stopping by and that, uh, I’m sincerely hopeful that you and the Governor will be able to work through these differences.

    Maybe you could start by agreeing never go to bed angry? I don’t know, that might work. Just a suggestion.


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