The Economics and Irresponsibility of Barack Obama’s Scare Tactics

Continuing to say whatever he thinks will get him elected.
Monday, September 15, 2008

This is very simple. To a great extent, the success of our economy depends upon the positive expectations of our entrepreneurs and consumers.

Senator McCain tells us that the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Senator Obama responds by telling us that McCain is lost in space, that the fundamentals of our economy are not strong, and that we’re in deep trouble.

Personally, I think Senator McCain is correct, that our fundamentals are strong, that these adjustments are what a troubled, but basically healthy economy does to fix itself. It’s part of a natural process in the context of which our government needs to help those who are adversely affected – short of saving the companies and the government policies which encouraged or allowed the current mess to happen in the first place.

Whether or not Senator McCain is right, the one thing I know for sure is that doomsday talk from Senator Obama has got to have a depressing effect on consumer and entrepreneur confidence. He’s creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for which voters should hold him responsible. Does he really think that telling us again and again that we’re in serious trouble won’t have a negative impact on the rate at which large and small businesses invest in growth and create new jobs? Does he think the American consumer will be encouraged by his negativism to buy homes and increase their expenditures for consumer products?

How irresponsible. And Senator Obama has the nerve to say that Senator McCain doesn’t get it.

Senator Obama’s a bright guy who, I think, understands the consequences of his rhetoric. It’s just that he cares more about getting elected, than about the jobs and incomes of the people he keeps promising he’ll protect. And if I’m wrong, and he doesn’t understand, well then he’s an amateur making a rookie mistake, and clearly not ready to manage our government. Either way, whether it’s the ethics of his politics or understanding of the economy that’s the problem, are you willing to elect him President of the United States?

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One response to “The Economics and Irresponsibility of Barack Obama’s Scare Tactics

  1. Republicans have set new records in the federal deficit. Each year they exercise control over the control, new ceilings are created. Republicans took a good economy and broke it. I say broke because the record deficits and its future implications on generations to come. You might not worry about this trivia, but I do. “Drill baby drill” does nothing to address the bigger problem of jobs, affordable health care, affordable housing..blah blah blah

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