Universal Healthcare: Legislating in the Dark

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Question of the Day… Shouldn’t the President ask the medical profession to define, in very precise terms that read like an insurance policy, the minimum level of coverage which it recommends to ensure the health of all Americans first, before attempting to push a bill through Congress?

The objective, I thought, was to provide minimum healthcare for all Americans. Okay, what exactly does that mean? What’s the minimum policy we want all Americans to have?

Once we know that, the next question for both the medical profession and insurance companies is how much will it cost to provide that coverage?

Not that President Obama hasn’t reached outside The Whitehouse for advice, but he hasn’t been in office long enough for medical and insurance professionals in the private sector to come to a consensus and provide this essential information. It’s what Congress needs to understand the costs and effectiveness of different means of providing this coverage to those who can’t afford it without assistance.

First things first, Mr. President. Take your time, and get it right.


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