Occam’s Law of Program Uselessness: The effectiveness of any government program varies inversely with the number of pages on which it is written.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My apologies to Mr. Occam for my shameless rip off of his exceptional work. In his honor, I’ll be brief.

Depending upon the source, the Constitution of the United States has fewer than 7,000 words, including all 27 amendments. The original document was handwritten on 4 large sheets of parchment and had approximately 4,800 words. These are rough numbers. I’ve never counted them myself.

In terms of modern technology, assuming 250 typed words per page, the entire Constitution can be printed on fewer than 28 8½” by 11” sheets of cheap, 20lb copier paper from Staples.

By comparison, the proposed healthcare plan from House Democrats has over 1,000 pages.

I rest my case.


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