“Bits and Pieces” Healthcare Legislation #4: Coverage for Illegal Aliens

Friday, August 21, 2009

As the “#4” indicates, this is my fourth piece which promotes the notion that President Obama and Congress should abandon all hope of resolving the problems of healthcare reform within a single, all encompassing piece of incomprehensible legislation. What they should be doing instead is writing new law for the individual issues of this debate, one at a time. This example is about coverage for people who are here illegally. (See the links to related pieces below.)

Well, should we? Should we allow government subsidized resources to be used to provide healthcare services to people who are not legally in this country? No, of course not. The result of doing so would be an overwhelming flow of illegal aliens coming here for medical care. We can’t handle it. We can’t afford it, and the American people aren’t going to allow it.

The one obvious exception will be services for bona fide emergencies. The question then becomes, what do with do with the illegals to which we provide these emergency services after their stay in the hospital is over? It’s obviously something legislation is going to have to address.

Administratively, it’s not complicated. “Illegals,” for the purposes of our new healthcare legislation, are people who can’t present proof of citizenship, other legal status or insurance which is acceptable to the medical services provider.

See how much easier it is dealing with these issues separately? How much simpler and more cogent the debate when the focus is narrowly defined? To be political for a moment, you’d think the Republicans would seize the opportunity, step away from the fray that is comprehensive healthcare legislation and take the lead in this debate, one issue at a time. My guess is, the American people would love them for it.

I can hear them now, at a joint press conference called by Republican leadership in both houses… “We’re not being obstinate. Far from it. We’re doing our job, fighting for the American people. Healthcare, intelligent, affordable, comprehensive healthcare reform is so essential that we are recommending what we to believe to be a smarter approach to developing the legislation the American people deserve. Accordingly, over the next few weeks, Republicans in the House and Senate will be introducing individual pieces of legislation, each addressing a major issue related to healthcare reform which we believe will engender consensus support.” Is this a great country, or what?

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