Missing the Point: President Obama’s Desperate Attempt to Pass Healthcare Reform

Thursday, September 17, 2009

President Obama is clearly desperate to pass healthcare reform legislation, even to the point of pressuring the Governor of Massachusetts to appoint an interim replacement for Senator Kennedy. He’s worried that the vote is going to be that close.

For President Obama, it’s clearly more about politics, about a selfish, immature, unstatesmanlike desire to get his personal agenda approved, than about the quality and general acceptability of what Congress enacts. When it passes, he’ll cross another major issue off his campaign checklist, and we’ll be left to deal with the consequences for years after his term(s) in office.

The question is simple: Is it wise to pass legislation this sweeping, this expensive, of such profound importance for all Americans, by what may turn out to be a margin of only a single vote?

We’ve waited all this time. Why not work a little harder, wait a little longer to get it right, to produce legislation which a substantial majority of our elected representatives support?

No less an impressive statesman and President than Thomas Jefferson once observed that “Great innovations should not be forced on slender majorities.” Although it was 200 years ago when he said that in 1808, it seems no less relevant an observation today.

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