Healthcare Legislation Interview of the Day: “This ‘beat the clock’ is really overruling legislative sanity.”

Monday, December 21, 2009

That headline quote is from Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine from her appearance yesterday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” You’ll have to skip by the commercial which I couldn’t edit out, but it’s worth watching. If you prefer, I’ve included a similar print version of her remarks from the Senator’s website.

“Legislative sanity” is exactly what this is about. The President and most Democrats in the Senate and House are proceeding to pass healthcare legislation according to arbitrary deadlines in reckless disregard for due process and for the quality and costs of they are accomplishing. It’s nuts and, to be blunt, they deserve to be thrown out of office the very first chance the American people get, President Obama included.

Senator Snowe is no obstructionist, no partisan Republican hell bent on denying the President and Democrats a political victory. She is, quite to the contrary, a very intelligent, experienced state and federal legislator who is committed to meaningful, affordable healthcare reform. If you remember, Senator Snowe was the only Republican to vote for an earlier version of the Senate’s bill when it came to a vote on the Senate Finance Committee. What she is, is a voice of clarity in a democratic process overwhelmed by the worst kind of politics. I encourage you to listen to her brief interview or read her comments, and to judge their value for yourselves.


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