Perverse proof Senate Democrats aren’t serious about bi-partisan healthcare reform

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

For the record, so you don’t misinterpret these comments, I’m not a Republican. I’m just a guy, a registered independent, who likes to write.

There’s a country admonition that says you should never buy anything from a salesman who’s out of breath. The salesmen I’m talking about in this case are Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama.

In a desperate, eleventh hour attempt to pass healthcare legislation regardless of the quality of that bill or its costs, Senate Majority Leader Reid made a deal with Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, the one Democrat holdout. To pay for Senator Nelson’s vote, Senate Democrats agreed, on our behalf mind you, to exempt Nebraska – and only Nebraska – from its share of the costs of Medicaid expansion forever, for the life of the Republic. It was only the latest in a number of deals Democrats have struck with their more greedy colleagues, costing the American people billions of dollars.

As to the lack of bi-partisan support which Democrats and the President have argued is all the Republicans’ fault, I offer three comments:

The first is an impression, that the Democrats’ idea of bi-partisan cooperation is unilateral acceptance by Republicans of what the Democrats have proposed. Yes, the Republicans have a different concept of government than the particular philosophy that President Obama has encouraged his Democrats in Congress to endorse. And yes, election politics is running rampant in Washington. Even so, it’s important to ask ourselves what Republic proposals or perspectives have been incorporated in the Senate legislation in the spirit of bi-partisan cooperation by the Democrats?

Forget about bi-partisan support, these egregious deals struck by Senator Reid are proof positive that he and President Obama didn’t even have partisan (unanimous Democratic) support for their own legislation – without the need to bribe some of their own.

And here’s the perverse observation… Not one such deal was offered or at least accepted by any Republican Senator. I know it sounds bizarre, but if the Democrats are so interested in bi-partisan support, why not buy a couple of the 40 Republican votes in the Senate by making them the same offers they made to their Democrat colleagues who held their own legislation hostage?


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