They’re the “BP” in “bupkis.” The solution they haven’t and won’t consider.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There is arguably enough oil in the earth, gushing out of the failed BP well in the Gulf of Mexico, to eventually cover the world’s oceans.  After all, it only has to be a molecule thick.  At the very least, we are in the midst of a continuing environmental disaster of potentially biblical proportions.  While BP’s various failed attempts to stop the flow are laughably pathetic, the fact is, this mess isn’t the least bit funny.

What is curious is BP’s failure to consider and implement the most obvious, quickest, least expensive solution: Set off a substantial explosive device at the wellhead on the bottom of the ocean floor.

The hole they have drilled to find the oil is relatively small and proceeds from the ocean floor more than two miles into the earth.  A carefully engineered device with sufficient power would seal that hole, fusing it shut, and that would be that.

And if BP isn’t up to it, Congress should give President Obama the authority to seize the well and get the job done without a moment’s further delay – at BP’s expense, of course.


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