Cream Cheese Man

Monday, December 27, 2010

So there I was, enjoying a perfectly toasted bagel — Our new toaster has a special bagel button that toasts the cut side more than the side with the crust. — with cool smears of Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese. Okay, so it was the whipped kind that comes in a tub. I’ve had to adapt.

I’d been sticking my knife in the tub without really looking, when suddenly it came up empty. Frantic to finish off the bagel before it, and the melted butter — Smart Balance margarine, yeh, but it tastes like butter. Sort of. — cooled, I dove into the refrigerator for our backup stock. Snapping off the lid, I peeled off the foil seal, and that’s when I saw him, his smile assuring me that everything, my bagel included, would be alright.

Glee may have had its “Toasted Cheesus,” but who cares? Check out the attachment, unadulterated, exactly the way I found it. Get ready to succumb to the charm and irrepressible optimism of the Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese Man.



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