The Weiner Resignation: Who is Congress kidding?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

And so Congressman, now ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned. He did a bad, bad thing. Whether he’s mentally or emotionally ill or not, the Democrat party leadership wanted him out. He was a distraction. Congress is no place, so they told us, for the likes of Mr. Weiner’s bizarre and lewd behavior.

Really? What a joke. Would our Representatives and Senators even know bizarre and lewd behavior if they tripped over it?

Let me get this straight. It’s not okay for a single member of Congress to have an illness, a bona fide disorder that needs treatment by medical professionals, but it is okay for Congress to spend us into oblivion, effectively bankrupting the United States, to squander billions, even trillions of dollars, to devise or endorse useless social and economic programs which often completely miss the point – all while neglecting many of the most important problems we face. Wow. Through gross incompetence and selfishness, they (both houses, and let’s throw in the President for good measure) have irreparably hurt our country, as a whole, and millions of its individual families in profound financial and other ways. I can’t… No, I refuse to believe they are what our founding fathers and mothers had in mind.

Maybe Congressman Weiner should have resigned, but then so should the other 534 yahoos. What nerve they have to pick on this one guy who clearly has a personal problem while adroitly avoiding culpability for the unimaginably huge and hurtful mess they’ve created.

Maybe you’re relived that Congressman Weiner has resigned so that Congress can get back to business. I guess that’s a good thing, but then I’m not entirely sure what business they’re talking about. Personally, I can’t wait for the next election.


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