US (“Useless”) Airways, Part 2

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why would anyone fly US, aka “Useless” Airways if it weren’t absolutely the only way to get from A to B? This is the unexpected sequel to “Wuf?” #7: US Airways.

You know, I said a lot of harsh things about US Airways in a previous “Wuf?” series posting, and now I feel bad. I feel bad because I obviously left some stuff out of my last rant.

Earlier this morning, I flew from A to B on US Airways. Two out of three of the trays in my row were broken. (Let’s hope they take better care of the engines.) The lady sitting by the window used hers even though her stuff kept sliding from right to left in front of her. I couldn’t use mine because the left bracket was so broken it let that side of the tray hit my knee, so I just left it up.

And so I wondered, “Was there a ‘working tray fee’ I forgot to pay?” I reported the tray to one of the Flight Attendants on the way out the door – reflecting as I did on how close “Flight Attendant” sounds like “Lavatory Attendant.” I thought reporting the tray was the right thing to do, and that maybe I’ll get a credit, a tiny credit because I had to hold my cup of Coke in my lap for an hour. Come to think of it, US Airways management probably knew my tray was broken which is why they didn’t offer me anything to eat, or even a napkin to prevent my cup of Coke from sweating a ring on my khakis. How thoughtful.

Anyway, this tray experience got me thinking about what other new fees US Airways might concoct. Maybe a “seatbelt/no seatbelt fee”? (Overweight people who need “an extension” would pay double.) Maybe a “polite/not polite fee” or “smile/no smile fee”? (Have you noticed that some of the Flight Attendants on US Airways don’t look any happier to be on the plane than their passengers – and the Flight Attendants are getting paid. And then the ultimate “crash/no crash fee” which, I’m guessing, should be a huge moneymaker.

US Airways: “Because at 37,000 feet, no one, no matter how bad we treat them, is going to get up and leave.”


2 responses to “US (“Useless”) Airways, Part 2

  1. 1. I had 8 US Airways flights over the past 4 weeks of which 3 were canceled due to technical issues, 4 delayed due to technical issues, 1 on time with temperatures in the high 80’s on a flight from Dublin, Ireland into Philadelphia. So much for their “maintenance”. (BTW, I work for an Aerospace Company in Europe and none of our employees is allowed to fly US Airways. I wonder why……)
    2. With regards to the “food” on board: I don’t consider it food, but an insult.
    3. The flight attendants are ok, but I yet have to meet one who I would not like to offer my seat to, because they are all overworked and tired.
    4. Lessons learned: Even though PHL is their major hub in the U.S. I decided to drive to North Carolina, Illinois and Connecticut. It sounds crazy but less time consuming than waiting at a gate for 5 hours +.

    Thanks, that helped. Furious right now because of ANOTHER canceled flight out of RDU.

  2. Hi. You’ve got to wonder why this airline is still in business. The simple answer, of course, is that they (and the other airlines) control their routes in a way which minimizes corporate concerns about customer service. Personally, I fly Southwest whenever I can.

    Thanks for stopping by. You might also want to read “Wuf?” #7: US Airways which was the first in the series, and then “Wuf?” #10: The Wedgy, the third I wrote.

    Let’s hope they (US Airways) take better care of their planes than they do their passengers.


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