As some of you already know, this blog is called the “Wordfeeder” because I do most of my writing sitting at my kitchen table, looking up occasionally over the screen of my laptop, out our bay window at the birds that live in the woods behind our house and who hang out at the bird feeder on our deck. They’re my buds, these birds, friends of the family whose presence somehow makes writing make sense no matter how much other stuff I should be doing.

I’m not a birdwatcher mind you, but I do enjoy seeing different kinds. This Blue Jay, for example, has been stopping by on and off for the past few days. He’s too big to eat from the feeder, but enjoys the black oil sunflower seeds I spill along our railing. He’s fast, and doesn’t stay long, but today I managed to get two reasonably good pictures of him.

My thanks to Uncle Remus for the lyrics. He had an Eastern Bluebird on his shoulder. Me and my Blue Jay, we have a more modern relationship.

“…Zip-A-Dee-A. My oh my, what a wonderful day!” …Ok, press “Publish” and now I have to do the dishes.



2 responses to ““Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah…”

  1. Loved your photos, and I, too, have recently become enchanted by some birds. Hummingbirds to be exact. I am ParaProfessional in a PreK class in my county’s school system, so I have summers off (if you call catching up on everything in the span of 10 weeks having a summer off.). This year, I noticed all the humminbirds in our area. I checked the internet, made some food, and hung two feeders. I was amazed as these fast flyers started to appear, first one, then two, and eventually as many as seven hummingbirds at a time! I started taking my coffe, laptop and camera (I am a photo student as well) out on the back deck at a table not six feet from the feeder. They were a little skittish as first, but when I seemed to ignore them, they just went about their business of jockeying for a position at the feeders. I found their social dynamics very interesting – seems a male will defend “his” feeder from others, except perhaps for the female who is tending “his” eggs. And, surprisingly, hurricane Irene wasn’t even a deterrent – pretty much during the whole storm, the birds were visiting the feeder as if it were a nice sunny day. Though we were able to finally pinpoint two trees to where the birds would fly, we were never able to really find a nest. And we did have several hummingbirds become trapped in our garage. Evidently, with the garage door up, they could see the trees out back through the windows and kept trying to get to them through the glass. We had to rescue probably five or six of these poor little creatures, using a soft net. I would hold them in my hand, their beady eyes unblinking, feeling their rapid heartbeat as they rested. It was like holding a feather. I would take them out on the deck and rest my hand on top a bush, and off they would fly. They have also afforded me a multitude of photo ops; so many, that I posted an album on my FaceBook page (yes, people my age do indeed do that FaceBook thing). And as my summer break drew to a close, among the things I miss most (besides spending time with my husband, family and grandchildren), is the time spent with my birds.

    • Wow. You are a Humming Bird Whisperer. Jennifer Love Hewitt will probably want to play you on TV. No wonder we have only two, hummingbirds that is. I’m pretty sure they’re a couple, at least dating if not already married. All the rest of them are over at your place. Actually, I just took down my hummingbird feeder for the winter. I haven’t seen my two for more than a week now, which tells me they’re probably on their way to Mexico – without so much as a half-hearted invitation for me to go with them. I would have declined, of course, but I would have appreciated the thought. Hard to believe something that small can fly that far.

      What I didn’t mention yesterday are the squirrels who think the birdseed is for them and who use the roof of my house as an elevated highway between trees too far apart for them to jump, the chipmunks, raccoons, the deer – lots of deer – and the beautiful red fox. If you have time, click on the “Wordies” button at the top of my blog, and then on the “New Friends” link at the bottom of that page. You’ll see what I mean.

      Thanks again, Mimzy, for stopping by. Talk to you later.


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