Dork Discrimination

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We all discriminate. I, for example, favor blondes – more specifically, women who look exactly like my wife in case she’s reading this. We all have our favorite colors. Mine is red. Fortunately, these types of discrimination are benign in that they don’t cause any material harm to ourselves or others. They have no detriment.

In politics, it can be different.

Chris Christy is fat. There. I said it. Would you have preferred “morbidly obese”? Too depressing. Personally, I prefer “fat.” He’s fat, and yet tons of people, no pun intended, are willing, even anxious to vote for him were he to run for President.

President Obama is black. Nobody cares. Not really.

Hillary Clinton is a woman, a former Senator and currently Secretary of State, and we almost elected her President. Jack Kennedy was Catholic. Michael Bloomberg is the Mayor of New York and would make an excellent President. He’s Jewish. Would that be a problem? For some people maybe, but most Americans believe in religious freedom. More to the point, most voters consider sound, effective fiscal, economic and foreign policy to be more important than religious affiliation. And we elected George W. Bush and the Republicans were considering nominating Rick Perry despite their inability to complete complex sentences. That they are both from Texas is probably just a coincidence. President Johnson was a very bright man, so just a coincidence.

The problem with Rick Santorum isn’t his beliefs per se, it’s that he’s hell bent on running our government based on those beliefs. I, personally, don’t care what he thinks provided, if he were to be elected, I could count on him to manage the government effectively and without personal bias. Unfortunately, Mr. Santorum doesn’t understand the concept, couldn’t effectively manage his way out of a paper bag and is, arguably, the most bias major candidate to run for office in recent history. The very fact that he is so focused on social issues is proof of my point.

The job of the President is not to mandate social mores and behavior. Ironically, Mr. Santorum agrees, so he says, but then proceeds to argue that his beliefs are the correct ones. The purpose of our government, and the President as it’s manager, is to facilitate our freedom to be ourselves, the only constraint being that we be respectful of the rights of others to do the same.

The President should be elected to manage our government. Period. Anyway, the point is that Americans will pretty much elect anyone President – except a dork.

I watch a lot of cable TV. You wear “buds” to break up the tedium of what you do. I have MSNBC running on a screen in the corner of my office. Same thing. And then I watch the network news on NBC and CBS, and I read the daily paper and several on-line sources. That’s where I get my news. I am forever hearing that, while a relative handful of people are nervous about Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, his real problem is that prospective voters just can’t relate to him on a personal level. He’s not, in other words, personable.

Give me a break. When you’re in trouble, are you going to choose the doctor you like, the one with whom you share warm and fuzzy feelings about religion and other life style issues, or the one with the knowledge, the experience and the skill to save your life even if you don’t care for his bedside manner?

Romney is dork. Get over it. If you don’t, you’re discriminating against someone to your own and our country’s detriment. Focus on the facts of his history and the job for which he’s applying. Hands down, Mitt Romney the only candidate in either party, President Obama included, who stands a chance of managing our government out of its current mess.

I’m having a shirt made – I love t-shirts. – that says “Vote for the dork.” with Romney’s picture on it. Will he be offended? No, because what the shirt says is accurate, and the sentiment behind it is to the point and productive. Like my father taught me years ago, there’s no room for sensitivity in business. Business is what Mitt does. It’s who he is, and it’s high time our government was run like one.



4 responses to “Dork Discrimination

  1. Same ‘ol song, different verse, huh, -wf? I’m afraid you tripped over yer own crank in this one bud!!! You, Mr. Romney and everyone on your “I like ’em” list are free to BE but Mr. Santorium, Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Perry and others on your “sorry you are you” list should not have the privilege to be themself. How can one manage anything outside their belief. Mr. Santorium is addressing social issues because that is what your left wing, bleeding heart, liberal, media people are questioning him about since that encapusulates Mr. BO’s latest attempt to expropriate another constitutional right….much like King Henry VIII and so many others before him. Just as BO has the right to believe in big government, Mr. Christie has the right to be fat, Mr. Santorium has the right to believe and, get ready for this……… the right to express his beliefs just as you have the right to love blonds, red and reject those that don’t fit into your niche for presidential candidates.
    Please, wear your dirty T-shirt: Wear it with pride and prejudiced but put your picture on it as well underlined with the same label. BUT, I can see me voting for Romney if he is the nominee but, God forbid, Michael Bloomberg running for president!
    C’mon Mr -wf, tell us who you are pulling for to be president!!

  2. Hey.

    What? You’re not running? Nuts. ..Okay, I guess I’ll be voting for Mitt Romney, assuming he gets the nomination. I really do believe it’s time we tried letting a businessman (or woman), a professional manager with a proven record, run our government.

    On the other hand, if either Misters Santorum, Gingrich or Paul gets the nomination, I won’t just be voting to re-elect President Obama, I’ll be working in his campaign to make sure that happens, those candidates are that objectionable. It’s a negative choice, supporting the less undesirable candidate, but the only option I would have.

    Always a pleasure.


  3. Then get fitted for a turban, buy a camel, (one hump or two) and learn to speak Chinese friend because it will pretty much be over if BO is re-elected. I will vote for anyone (even you -wf) over a proven fool!!!

  4. A turban would cover up my bald spot.


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