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Katherine Webb: The Cheerleader, the Quarterback and ESPN

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Katherine Webb should have been insulted, but she wasn’t. And that’s okay. Far be it from me to tell other people what their sensitivities should be, but… The thing is, I’m a guy and I have something to say on behalf of the other gender.

Katherine Webb Red Dress

Ms. Webb, the reigning Miss Alabama USA, the no-talent version of the Miss America pageant, is beautiful by virtually any standards. Personally, I prefer a slightly less perfect face and body, but that’s me. Notwithstanding my personal opinions of what is and what isn’t attractive, and as they used to say when I was growing up, “No one’s kicking her out of bed.” And that’s not a sexist remark. Back in the day, that was a heck of a compliment, but then times change, don’t they, which is the point of this piece.
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