Contact me?

Hi. I’m not sure why you’d want to contact me other than writing a comment to something I’ve posted, but in case you do, just send an email to It’s that easy.



3 responses to “Contact me?

  1. Jacqueline Shamburg

    I’ve just finished a short story–4400 words. I’m looking to sell it to a magazine for publication. Obviously, I think it’s very good and print worthy. Additionally, it’s a partially true story. Would you be interested?
    Jacqueline Shamburg

    • Hi. I wish I could help you but everything on this blog is written by me, not to make any money per se, but just because I love to write.

      Selling a collection of short stories would be hard enough, but just one? ..particularly if you haven’t published any yet? The best I can do is recommend that you use Google to find on-line magazines and short story journals (print editions), particularly one that is willing to publish first-timers. Get your story and your name out there and, most importantly, keep writing.

      And then you could always start your own blog. Couldn’t hurt.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Jacqueline Shamburg

    Thank you so much for your sound advice. It’s very much appreciated! JShamburg

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