Now what?

Congratulations and thank you for stopping by The Wordfeeder, my blog where I publish stuff I’ve written.

While you’re here, you can read or print a “Quickie,” one of my short short stories. Really excellent, if I do say so myself and, if I don’t, who will?

There’s the “Why?” series which is my attempt to tidy up the country, one detail at time.

You might also like “Saul’s Laws.” Saul was my father. These are some things he actually taught me when I was a little kid, and others I’m pretty sure he would have wanted me to teach my children.

These first three are available through RSS feeds you’ll find in their own widgets along the left side of the screen.

I write occasional columns about political and social issues when I can’t help myself.

And there’s more coming soon, serialized versions of “The Professor,” “Fall Guy” and the little book I wrote for kids, “The Adventures of Young Elizabeth and Rollo the Wondercat Who Thought He Was a Dog.”

Breathtaking, I know. Now take a break. You certainly deserve one. I can tell. And make yourself at home.



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