Hi. The WordFeeder blog is about all sorts of stuff, but mostly the fictional short short stories I love to write and other “slice of life” articles. The thing is, ever since my father ran for local office when I was a kid, I haven’t been able to get politics out of my head – which is why I keep writing articles about political stuff, even when I’d prefer to be crafting little love stories and some occasional sci-fi.

Okay, the point is, I’ve started writing so much political stuff that I’ve actually created a second blog for the pieces that have to do with Congress and the President. As you can see from the image below, is called The Next Contestant, www.NextContestant.us. The idea of this blog is that I’m holding every incumbent Representative, Senator and the President, however long he or she has been in office, responsible for the performance of our government while they are in office. I have to tell you, the way things have been going in Washington and if it was up to me, I’d throw everyone of them out every chance we have, in favor of sending a newbee with a fresh mandate to do it right. Hence the title, “Next Contestant.”

They’ll still be articles about politics and government published here. You can find them using the word cloud widget. But, if you’re looking for articles about specific Congressmen and Senators and elections, try to find time to visit the Next Contestant. As always, your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s this story called “Outage” that I’ve been meaning to write about a couple stuck overnight during a storm and how they get to know each other, in a manner of speaking.



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